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Thread: Home from Spokane - SS & BB

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    Camp Disappointment

    Man your mind starts to wander in the heat.
    "Imagine walking across these plains staring at the east end of a westbound ox for months and months. Yuk. I want to be there now.
    Then you pass Camp Disappointment. I can just hear the conversation.

    "Merriweather theres a mountain out there".

    "A mountain, there not supposed to be a mountain, It's supposed to be the coast. Whty the heck do you think we've been schlepping that damn boat all this way"

    "Ah crap,(can I post that here?) I'm, disappointed, I wanted to go water skiing"

    yeah, I know, guess you had to be there.

    Anyway eventually you are rewarded with a view of the mountains and a really twisty road that leads to St. Mary with a 70 mph speed limit. Of course you know it is going to be good when the next sign after the speed limit sign is a 25 mph warning sign for s curves.
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    DFW Beemer Club

    These guys travel with a chase vehicle and have been on the road for two weeks trying to get to the rally.
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    Bikes at night
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    Day 3

    Glacier, words do not describe the beauty of Glacier National Park.
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    More pics
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    gotta come back and hike some of these trails
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    No words good enough?

    What, "National Park" doesn't do it for you?

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    Gotta Go

    MAde it through the park, dialed up the rally waypoint on the GPS amd set it for fastest time.
    Fastest time worked out be MT 200 to MT 135 to I-90.

    Stopped in St. Regis, that's when it started to slide downhill.
    Looked in the tankbag, glasses aren't there, looked in alll of my pockets, no luck, searched my gear.

    Oh poopers, it's the BMW rally thing curse. Almost everytime I do something with the forum group I have a problem with seeing. At the solistance campout I stepped on them when I was getting on the bike and rode blind to the campout. Lorzepan fixed them for me the next morning.

    Pulled into the rally about 6 pm. Mam was it packed already.
    I found some of the forum folks in the beer tent. I could not find the forum frenzy. Asked where they were camping and got the Well over there but there isn't any space for more tents so your going to have to go somewhere else. Guess I should of taken a shower first.

    Rode around and found a spot between the pool and the Adventure Rider group, seems I fit right in.

    Drank a liitle beer got a shower and was out like a light.

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    Re: No words good enough?

    Originally posted by Montana
    What, "National Park" doesn't do it for you?
    Thanks for the post about the chip seal on Rt 2. Pulled to the front of the line and was told they wished more bikes would do that. I said a local rider had posted a discourse on chip seal etiquette. it wasn't bad at all.

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    No prob

    Guess I should have told you about the Huckleberry milkshakes at St Regis? Well, gotta keep some secrets to myself.

    Sounds like you saw some of the best we have to offer in this part of the Rockies. National Parks = your tax dollars at work.

    On the Mt Spokane road the chipseal was marked per a new WA law with bright orange signs, "Motorcycles Use Extreme Caution" and I was thinking how nice that was, even though it was frighteningly overdramatic, it sure woke you up.

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    Cliffy had new gravel deliverd to the road in front of his house just before I arrived. No sun to heat it into the tar, so the gravel was just laying there. Did I mention it was wet too?
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