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Thread: What is CSS?

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    What is CSS?

    About a week or so ago a gentleman posted a photo in the F800ST vs R1150R thread in F-bikes. It showed an R1100S and F800S next to each other. I was interested in the "tank" pads shown on the "R" and was told they may have been from CSS. I have no idea what CSS is. PMed the gentleman a few days ago but have not yet heard back. Can anyone else tell me what CSS might be? Thanks.

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    CSS is a German company that makes a line of protective pads. I have then on my RT and my wife has them on her GS. I think Nippy Norman carries them; I got ours from BMW of Santa Cruz, but it appears they may not be carrying the CSS line anymore. Google should get you to someone with what you are looking for.
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