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Thread: Kendon Stand up Lifts

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    Kendon Stand up Lifts

    Does anyone have first hand experience with this brand maintenance lift ? saw it at the Washington D.C. Motorcycle show.

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    I was looking at the same lift today. It looked like it would be a real PITA to use that lift when you want to drop the rear wheel. You'd be forced to add some sort of a jack device between the lift and the center of the bike. Therefore, you might as well get a conventional motorcycle lift that you could use the centerstand on.


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    We have one. Not too much of a chore to remove the rear wheel. They have an optional mini jack that fits on the lift. I put a couple of pieces of wood on top of that and lifted up the back end of my Breva just fine.

    Swapping out the front tire, though. Haven't figured out how I can use the lift for that.

    Main thing I don't like about it is the lip along the edges. Would have been better without it.

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    I have had one for about a year now and really like it. Here is a short review I posted on another site shortly after getting it. After using it many times now I have realy come to appreciate how nice it is.

    Being old and feeble I found it a real pain, every time I wanted to work on the RT, having to bend over, lay down or sit on the floor. The answer of course was a lift. Lots of choices, I ended up with a Kendon Cruiser Lift, 1000 Lb. capacity. The other options were all a full size lift that would occupy a permanent place on my garage floor, something to trip over and just be in the way when not in use. The advantage of the Kendon is when you are done with it, it just folds up and lays vertical against the wall out of the way. The trade off however is loading a full size motorcycle is a two person job. It takes two good backs to horse it up there while one is watching the front tire to make sure it is in the middle of the small track and to hold it in place while it is secured with tie downs. It has a wheel lock that is totally useless on an RT It is either air or hand pump operated and it raises up to about 32 inches more than enough for me. Setting my compressor to about 90 lbs output it had no problems in lifting my RT very quickly. It is a very sturdy well made piece of equipment weighing in at 140 lbs. Setting it up takes just a few minutes and it is not a problem for one person to fold it up and lay it up against the wall. Like I said there are some trade offs over a more conventional lift but to me it is well worth it. Price was about $695.00 free shipping from Kendon, including all the extras, tool trays an a oil change gizmo that looks like it will work well. I like it and I can tell already I am going to have lots of company from my rider friends who get sore backs also.

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