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Thread: Looking for advice on a video camera

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    Check out the Samsung SC-X300L, all weather camera and comes with a lipstick lens. Pretty good quality for a non-hd unit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Munchy View Post

    I'll post up when I get something. I'm on Vimeo, too, same handle, 'munchmeister'.
    Wait, no, that is not my handle on Vimeo. It's my name, Doug Moench. That'll get you to the ONE video I've posted so far, from a nice weekend in January. Today it is minus 4 so it may be a while before I get another.

    To get back to the OP, if it was me, I would buy one of the newer models from the bigs, like Sony, Canon, Panasonic etc that records to a SD card, NOT an internal DVD or to internal hard drive. Do the research. DVD and internal hard drives have issues with vibrations. Flash memory, such as SD card, does not have that issue.

    These newer video cams are not much bigger than a can of pop so would be easy to mount with a RAM mount. Then you could use it off bike for some shots around the campsite as well as use it when you get home for all those family events or video's tech sessions. That's why I like my setup with the Handycam... very useful for other things, has zoom, etc. And long battery life. And I have a recharger for the batts that has a cig lighter plug, so I could even have one charging up whilst ridin'. With the addition of the bullet camera head, I can get more creative.


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