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    Question Clutch Problem

    I have an 85 R80RT that has not been ridden for a couple of years. Amazingly enough it started right up with a new battery.

    Unfortunately I have not been able to get the clutch to release. The linkage works normally but will not release. The splines were lubed shortly before it was last ridden. Any suggestions?

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    clutch release

    I can not be responsible, but if it were my bike I would pull the plugs, put it in high gear and hit the starter. Also,I would try this stunt in the yard so that when I fall over, the bike would not get all scratched up. A couple of friends for spotters would be helpful.

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    I had one rust like that once. Started it in gear, rode around a bit with the clutch pulled in and it finally broke loose.
    Another trick I've heard about but never tried is putting it in gear again with the clutch pulled in and starting it with the front wheel up against a tree or brick wall.


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    clutch stuck

    bmwmick's ideas are similar to mine. I would add that in the proceedure I described, the clutch should be pulled so that when or if it does let go, you are free wheeling. I think it would be better to use the starter motor to roll the engine. My friend who re-habbed an R75/6 this spring, used the starter with the plugs removed, and Marvel Mystery Oil, to dis-lodge a stuck cylinder. Spinning the motor with the starter in high gear results in the rear wheel wanting to turning at a ratio closer or less than 1:1. I think it would result in less stress on the clutch and drive train than a final ratio of closer to 3:1 in a lower gear. Resting the front wheel on a barrier is a good idea, too.

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    Thanks for the help

    Thanks for the help. Tried all of the ideas. It took quite a while but finally broke loose.

    Getting the carbs set and balanced should have things smoothed out and runnng well.

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