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    I'm considering to buy the "Scala rider Q2 twin pack" Before spending $400, Does anyone own this communication device? Is wind noise an issue? what about
    sound quality? Is wireless the way to go? what about GPS compatability?
    Your opinions pls.

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    I have the Q2. But just for the rider. I can assure you that the quality of music and phone calls is superb. I don;t have a GPS with bluetooth. So, I cannot comment on that. But I have heard that it works very well with the Zumo 550.

    FYI, music is not stereo since it is not A2DP compatible.

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    Gratefully the new Zumo 660 is A2DP bluetooth.
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    They work great with the Zumo 550 for the voice prompts. I have also used them bike to bike and they work good. You get about 8 hours out of a charge.
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    Recently tried making a cell phone call with mine to a fellow rider who was at home at the time. I stopped to dial the call (want to be safe and all) then started rolling and increased to 55 mph. He had no idea I was on the bike using Bluetooth, much less moving that fast. Over 55 I had issues hearing him due to helmet/wind noise (HJC Symax II), but he said it never sounded bad on his end. I am looking forward to using the second headset for my pillion rider to see how that goes, but she is a warm weather passenger, so it will be a couple months before I can see how we like it.

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