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Thread: R100GS Fans: Schneider's Inc. Forced Under By Lawsuit

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    R100GS Fans: Schneider's Inc. Forced Under By Lawsuit

    Just learned that Bill Schneider's (Sidestand Fixer, Flip-a-Lever Throttle Control) business has folded. I was looking around for a fix for my R100GS sidestand, and found out about Scheider's Inc from the ADVrider website. I soon learned that Schneider's Inc had shut its doors, so I felt obligated to find out why.

    I learned that Bill Schneider, the owner of Schneider's Inc, who's been in the business of making innovative products for motorcycles since the early-1970's, was sued by a person in Pennsylvania. This person had installed the Sidestand Fixer and had had an accident - not sure how though. The injured party's lawyer-brother sued Bill Schneider. Even though he had done everything his lawyers had recommended to insulate himself from this type of lawsuit, Bill Schneider found himself embroiled in a lengthy and costly, out of state product liability lawsuit, over the Sidestand Fixer. Well, for the tiny fee (<$100) of filing a lawsuit in Pennsylvania, these gentlemen apparently were able to pierce the corporate veil and took Bill Schneider for everything he had, 'cept his house. He's apparently so beaten down, demoralized and afraid of future suits, he will not sell his products or ideas. I think he's stuck now with the 100 or so Sidestand Fixer's and 1400 Flip-a-Lever's he still has in storage. He's afraid to do any additional business at all!

    Bill Schneider is now 60 years old, has always had his own business, has several patents for innovative motorcycling products, and is now depressed and out of work. He won't talk to folks outside his family, and he's afraid of pissing off anyone else for fear of additional lawsuits. The atmosphere of fear this lawsuit has created has forced Bill Schneider to close his doors for good - effectively denying him of his career. Now, is that about the America I know of? I don't think so!

    By the way, the lawyer in Pennsylvania who filed the lawsuit's name is Laguna, so be careful! If you're interested, the lawsuit is public record and can be found by anyone with similar gumption to do so.

    Be careful out there and always keep the shiny side up.

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    I'm afraid this is the America we know. Has been since the '70s. I could write a book on well-meaning entrepeneurs in the motorcycle industry who have lost everything because people will no longer accept responsisbilty for their own actions.

    There is almost no way to avoid being sued. All one of these cretins have to do is find the "right" lawyer.

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    Not only America peoples.

    This is growing in Australia too, so much that public liability insurance costs have blown out, closing down a lot of charity events, and the like.

    Why cant people take resposibility for their actions, instead of trying to make a $ out of their stupidity.

    A very sad state of affairs.

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    this is a damn shame

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    I agree damn shame.

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    America has lost it's edge and situations like this are a large part of why that has become a reality.

    Offering any product to the litigation happy American consumer is a huge gamble.

    What do you call 100 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean? A good start!

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    Two lawyers can live comfortably in a town in which one would starve!

    1978 R80/7

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    this same thread was posted on ADV recently and I said roughly the same thing (though that thread has it's own ADV qualities)

    a guy makes a product that is designed to circumvent what was a factory designed safety feature and he did not anticipate possible lawsuit

    I hope his insurance covers him and I hope Bill can back into business,

    I have bought his stuff second recently because his site was down

    I hate BMW kickstands too, but the lawsuit does not surprise me

    I understand the risks of using a throttle lock and my /2 never even had a throttle return spring

    but if a jury of american citizens can be convinced that his product killed someone how is that anti-american

    I offer my prayers to Bill Schneider that he comes out of this ok

    and I offer my prayers to the dead BMW rider and his family

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    What will happen to innovation in this country with life by lawsuit? Edison would not have marketed his light bulb for fear somebody might get electrocuted or cut by broken glass.

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    I agree that BMW's self retracting side stands are a safety feature. /5's side stands did not self retract and mine gave me a couple of bad scares before I updated it to /6 spec. I don't know if Schneiders had a warning on their packaging or instructions, but even if they did not, any one with a working brain should realise that they were circumventing this safety feature, and that doing so was their own responsibiity.

    Motorcycles can get you killed, just as showering, cars or tripping over your cat can.

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    Sounds like our legal system is working as it should.

    Good. Another evil capitalist put in his place. This guy fits the definition better than most charged as being one.

    If you're smart, you wouldn't even help a friend disable a safety system.

    In fact, if you truly are a friend, you should be on record as discouraging him/her.
    Kent Christensen
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    An Observation

    It's a shame that the BMW corporation felt it had to locate the side stand on the
    R 100GS so far forward that anyone under 6'10" would not be able to extend it while still seated on the machine. As one who is height-challenged, I have to dismount to extend mine! PITA!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PAULBACH View Post
    What will happen to innovation in this country with life by lawsuit? Edison would not have marketed his light bulb for fear somebody might get electrocuted or cut by broken glass.
    Well, read about some of the stuff Edison did to Tesla's reputation (especially concerning alternating current). I'd say it's pretty in line with what's going on today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ima4nr View Post
    Who said he was dead? I hate to say this, but maybe he should have been. Darwin's law, you know....

    dude, what is wrong with you


    what is wrong with you

    whether hurt or merely injured on a bike, I would think a rider would be deserving of at least some empathy from another rider

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    Loser pays.....

    I believe, if my memory serves me, back in 1995 a "loser pays" tort reform bill was laid on Pres. Clinton's desk, and he vetoed it.

    Also, I thought that countries within the former British Commonwealth all had a similar "loser Pays" plaintiff's bar?

    My opinion is that the plainfiff's bar has been out of control at least during my lifetime. The costs affect every single citizen. Anyone paying simple business liability insurance premiums knows exactly to what I am referring, i.e. the cost of every product and service is passed along to the working stiff.

    The change we need is loser pays, and such a change would not impede legitimate torts.

    And yes, the more fear that enters the marketplace the fewer goods and services will be brought to market, innovation will be constrained, and market forces will further controlled by Central planners.

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