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Thread: bar backs R1100RSL '95

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    bar backs R1100RSL '95

    Am having no luck finding these???? Any help is appreciated!!

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    Bar Bax for '95 R1100RSL

    Buy my bike, set of Bar Bax included! They are a great addition.

    1995 R1100RSL (with Lowers), PIAA's, Elf pegs, heated grips, GS handguards, Rider Information Display, Aeroflow w/s, adjustable BarBax, AGM battery, all braided stainless brake lines, in dash Heat Troller, orig. tool kit, very good System bags, new clutch cable, new Metzler Z6 Interacts and new Hagon suspension front and rear. Very good condition, dealer maintained w/service records. Ready to ride anywhere! 60k service completed

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    If you would put a price on your bike, you might get a bite............
    jus sayn......

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