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Thread: A holiday journey . . .

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    A holiday journey . . .

    I have been a BMW owner off and on since 6/72 when I bought a new R60/5 in Syracuse, NY. I went on to own a R75/5 and an R90/6. Then I didn't ride for a few years.
    In July this year I bought a very nice and clean '93 R100RT and I have gone through and repaired/improved/serviced/adjusted much of the bike. I wanted to take a trip that would tell me if there were problems unknown.
    On the last Saturday in December I headed for Ft. Lauderdale where our son was being married on the 30th. My wife had driven down earlier in the cage. She is not a rider. I did most of the trip on I-95 and except for holiday rubberneckers, it was great trip. It was better coming back north because there was no traffic. It was easy to maintain 85mph and many people blew by me.
    The bike performed as expected and the only thing was the stock seat beat me up. I bought an Air Hawk which improved things a great deal. One other thing I wish the fuel tank was larger. . . it only holds about 4.7 gallons and at that speed I burned through fuel at a pretty good rate. I am sure I stopped 13 times in 1850 miles!
    Anyway, the bike seems all sorted out and I have complete confidence in it. It sure is nice to be able to ride all through the year!
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    Sounds like a tough way to test ride! But glad it went well for you and welcome aboard. Now, how 'bout some pictures???

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    Yup, sounds like a neat "test ride." Glad you made it to your son's wedding and didn't need to call your wife to pick you up!

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