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Thread: INDY MotoGP 2009 Plans / Northern Ireland NW200

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    INDY MotoGP 2009 Plans / Northern Ireland NW200

    I can host a small group of multi-denominational, moto-enthusiasts who love MotoGP in a private VIP, Gasoline Alley Suite with Food, Open Bar, Paddock Access, Reserved Turn#1, Open Air Terrace Seating. 2009 is the Centennial Race at INDY - 100-years since Irwin 'Cannonball' Baker roared around in a wool sweater on his Indian at 120MPH, Indy became the Birthplace of America's Motorcycle Road Racing and 'Cannonball' went on to do all sorts of endurance runs pre-GPS, Heated Clothes, AAA, BMWMOA, or Blue-tooth technology to call home. Ought to be a great event this year.

    Oh, anyone up for Northwest 200 in Northern Ireland - precursor to Isle of Man TT as many of the same teams run both events. It is in May, 2009.

    All are welcome. Reach me directly with questions. I am respecting the BMWMOA - non-commercial policy here. How did I do?

    Safe and healthy New Year.

    John M. Rossi - Cambridge, Massachusetts
    Viva (that Italian brand from Bologna) .com
    74 R75/6 . . . . owner/rider since 1981, among a few Red bikes too.
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