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Thread: Fuel Question

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    FWIW--The best mechanic I know says that you can't always "hear" the pinging and that damage can occur even when there is no audible pinging. He always runs 93 octane in his bikes.

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    I say good luck on this fuel quest. If there were some consistency available in our fuel supply you might even be successful. In many areas the formulations purposely change from season to season. I suspect that the formulations sometimes also vary without plan.

    It is generally accepted that most fuel in a given area comes from only one or possibly two refineries. The additive packages are supposedly added when the fuel is in the tanker. The chance that the application of these chemicals may not be consistent is possible. It's common speculation that the cheapest outlets have little or no additive package.

    I wonder too, that if you consistently use good fuel from a trusted source, would one or two tanks of less desirable fuel be obvious to you? harmful to the machine?

    Sure, compare your local retailers product, when you find the one that works best stick with it. While on a trip try to use the same brand, Just keep your fingers crossed and use a good carb/injector cleaner every couple of thousand miles.

    And yes it is probably the best advice of all to follow the manufacturers recommendation.
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    I also run 93 or better,If the station has the fuel I want I tend to give them other buisness,tell friends ,buy soda's,cigg's,that way they stay in buisness,it seems Like Kwik Trip is on every corner and they Kill the smaller staitions close by and Here in MN Kwik trip only has 89 at best ,and in my car the fuel light comes on few miles after I fuel up,so if U find a station with the gas U need ,by all means use them in the Winter time Or one day ,sign on the door will say Sorry Closed .
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