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Thread: Hunting for Baehr

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    Hunting for Baehr

    Has anyone equipped their bike with a Baehr sound system?

    Baehr, from Germany, is now competing with Autocom for the high end of the intercom/sound interface market. Baehr seems to have only one distributor so far (National cycle in Illinois), but they also seem intent on expansion. But they've been around for a long time, so I figure some of us may alreaady own their stuff. See for their new web site, by the way. It contains a downloadable pdf catalogue

    My Cruiser has no built in sound system, and I am contemplating purchasing a "Verso XL" model, to servie both as an intercom with my passenger and as a way to listen to XM radio and a GPS's navigation commands.

    Anway, any reviews would be welcome!

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    The Baehr system for the LT is also sold thru Don't know if he has it for any other model.

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    Review from a friend....

    I friend of mine attempted to install a Baehr system in his ST1300 and I asked him if he was interested in providing some comments. Here they are...

    After installing the Baehr Verso XL system on my ST1300, I was immediately
    happy with the sound quality of the system. Unfortunately, my experience
    from there was not very pleasant. The instruction came only in German so
    figuring out what switches and adjustments did what was a matter of trial
    and error.

    Support from National Cycle was courteous but not very knowledgeable. There
    is one guy that knows anything about the Baehr systems, and he is still

    The main issues I had were operation with my Siemens S56 cell phone and
    lack of volume while wearing ear plugs at speeds above 65 mph. I could
    never tell there was an incoming cell phone call until the person calling
    actually spoke. At this point, I would have to manually turn the volume
    down on the stereo to have a conversation. There is also a lack of cables
    available for the common FRS radios available in the US. Apparently, Baehr
    Germany is working on this.

    Price is very similar to the Autocom Pro 7 system. Maybe the Ultima XL
    system is better, but I was not willing to waste more time and an
    additional $300 to find out.

    I'm now waiting on my Autocom system to arrive.

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