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Thread: rt12 tires

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    rt12 tires

    Has Anyone Had Any Experiance With Continental Tires As Far As Mileage Andwet Grip. My Dunlop 220 And Bt-o21 Tires Only Lasted About 7000 Miles. Thanks:

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    7K is about all I got out of the Road Attacks that came with my RT, and I am not an aggressive rider. I switched to ME Z 6s, which felt more stable and seem to be giving better wear.

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    I was able to get almost 8K out of the Road Attacks and love the way that they handle.
    My bike now has Z-6's mounted and I cannot wait until they wear out as I can't stand their ride characteristic. It will be back to the R/A's as sone as possible.
    They handle very well in the rain too.

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    I have had many bikes with tires ranging from Continental, Dunlop, Metzlers,
    Pilot Roads, and the last, Pilot Roads II's. By far, the best I have ever had on any of my bikes is the Pilot Roads II's. They are, imho, the best in rain,dry pavement, and even slushy snow, if you can believe that. I live in upper Michigan and I have been caught with snow coming down. The Pilot Road II's are a dual compound tire that hugs just about everything. I have a K1200RS and I do like the twisties. Other tires have started to cup at ab out 4000 miles but not the PR II's. I just think they are the best I have ever had on my bikes. I now have 7000 miles on the set with lots of miles on them and NO CUPPING.

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    Pilot Road II's

    +1 to that!

    I bought a 94 K1100RS in 08 from a very nice man in GA. Bought this while on my way back from FL while on Easter vacation. Remeber how early Easter was last year? Well the bike had the Pilot II's on it. Sure shootin, left the next morning and 20 minutes down the VERY curvy roads it started to rain. Never did get warm that day either, 48 degrees max. Well me moving up to a big K from my 81 R100RS, new bike, strange roads, long way home that day to WI and I just could not believe how planted that bike was in the rain. Made it home safe in torrential down pours, my poor wife with the kids in the van was just amazed. She lets me dissapear a couple weeks at a time now & again and she just never knew what I did when it rained. She just thought I sat it out. I said no honey, if I wake up on Sunday morning and it's raining and I need to be some where's, I wear the gear and get on with it. Guess she had to see it to believe it. 80 MPH, pouring rain, no issues. Got back home, cleaned up the bike, only had it 2 days, BAM!!! Got run over from behind and the bike got totaled. HAD to have another one!
    Bought one three weeks later from a guy over in MN. When I got it, it had a Pilot II on the front, but a Battleaxx on the rear. It was OK, but a month later I got a big ol" puncture, bye bye Dunlap, on with the Pilot II.
    In the rain, in the heat, down to 15 degrees one morning in November, no problems.
    Watch for sales & mount them your self if you can, I think they are a bit pricey. I think mileage will be in the 10 -12 K range though, only 5K on the back now & it looks good yet, front a couple thou more and it's fine too.

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