Dear Fellow Riders;

Need advice for a vacation that includes the Blue Ridge parkway. We are planning on leaving July 3rd and getting home on the 12th. Using the truck & trailer 1 day travel each way getting there & back. Needing 1 day of rest when we get there. Yes that is right we are candy asses.

Our situation, My wife and I are not Iron Butt people. We prefer our camper to sleep in over B&B's and Hotels. We usually stay in our area Northern Illinois & Wisconsin, triple towing our 5th wheel & bike in tow behind camper. Then do some day riding in the countryside.

This summer were thinking of setting up camp some where along the BRP around mid section of parkway and then going north for a day staying at north end over night at a hotel then back to camp rest a day or so then do the same for south end. 200 to 250 miles per day is usually enough when we are 2up. We have done 400 mile days but the wife does not like that much saddle time in one day. This should be more of a leisurely trip versus a max miles per day trip.

I have done some rule checking on triple towing and supposedly if I stay on major roads interstates & state hwy's the LEOS will leave us along concerning the triple tow. Please advise if you have any other info on this matter.

The cost of pulling the trailer vs staying at hotels is not a major consideration unless diesel goes back up to $4.50 a gallon.

We do want to see the Biltmore, sight seeing along the way, nature & scenery photography, & do a little shopping. Were not into museums, unless it is a Motorcycle Museum. 

We are not dying to do Deals Gap. I would by my self but that is not my wife‘«÷s idea of good time. Not that we cannot do some twisties, but that is not the goal here. Doing the Cherola Skyway and any other like road. Less traveled the better. We ride a LT not a GS for what its worth.

What are my specific questions?

1. Best location to stay Middle, North end, or South end?
2. Hotels to stay?
3. Campground to use for a base camp?
4. Besides BRP & Cherola Skyway‘«÷s any other parkways or like roads?
5. Places of interest & why you suggest them.

Thanks in advance for your help
Mike G BMWRider79