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Thread: Charging a phone on your bike

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    Quote Originally Posted by GlobalRider View Post
    So what exactly is a "Powerlet outlet"?

    I know its a company name, but are users also calling the BMW style outlet (aka the John Deer outlet) a Powerlet outlet? And are they not differentiating it from a cigarette lighter outlet?

    Powerlet doesn't seem to have a cigarette lighter outlet with a spring loaded cover. It seems the only outlets with a spring loaded cover are the BMW outlets.

    They make primarily DIN outlets. They're cheaper than the BMW outlets and come with a harness so hooking them up is easier.
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    I picked up an automotive trailer power adapter that connects to the Powerlet adapter that came with my Battery Tender. It has the cigarette plug on one end and a two connector plug on the other with roughly 6" of wire between the two. I don't use it while in transit, but it serves the purpose of having a "backup" power supply to charge the cell phone.

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