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Thread: City/System Case cosmetic tips?

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    City/System Case cosmetic tips?


    The lids to my System Cases are showing a bit of scuffing and some minor scratches. Is there a proven technique for minimizing the appearance of these scuff and scratch marks? Anything that others have found to be effective in keeping them looking good?



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    I heard that BMW sells a product called gummi fledge - not sure if it's a hoax.


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    No hoax. GummiPfledge is awesome.
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    Originally posted by KBasa
    No hoax. GummiPfledge is awesome.
    Probably German for "Lemon Pledge" which also works well, and costs about 1/10th as much!

    Scratches and scrapes can be taken out of plastic just like anything other material. Start with 400 or 600 grit wet-or-dry and use increasingly finer grades. Finish off with extra-fine steel wool then Autosol or Hapisch Semi-chrome. And be careful, you don't need to "lay into it" like you do with metal. FWIW, the same holds true of plastics (like turn signal/brake light lenses). And the usual disclaimer applies: Try it on a small out of the way place first. I just rescued one of my RD4000 tail lights that had some very severe oxidation (may have even be a chemical scar). Wouldn't know it from new now.

    ps, I haven't actually bought, or used, GummiPfledge, so I should probably keep my trap shut. BMW actually has some very good, if expensive, products for auto and bike care. Too bad they're importing less and less. One of the best bits they EVER had was the little bottles of visor cleaner.
    One of my favorites is a rubber care product from WURTH, an OEM supplier to most euro manufacturers. But honestly, nothing works BETTER than Pledge, or is easier to apply. And most look HORRIBLE after the first rain. Pledge won't.

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