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Thread: Anybody using a Marcee riding suit?

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    Question Anybody using a Marcee riding suit?

    Howdy, Howdy,Howdy to all...

    I've been riding in leathers for quite a while and yes, I'm getting tires of stopping to put my rainsuit on to only find out a short while later the rain has ended. So, it has taken a couple of years of investigation for me to start beleiving in textile suits, but I do now beleive that they offer enough protection. I want to take the next step and actually buy a textile suit, but the Aeroleak doesn't seem to float my boat.

    I saw a review of the Marcee suit some time ago, but if my fading memory is correct, the person reviewing the suit had not owned it for very long. Marcee's adds have some Iron butt person claiming that it is water proof...but I've read other claims before

    So has anyone put some time/miles on one of these suits? Or even better yet, has anyone tested the abraision resisitance? I'd like to know if this suit is as waterproof as my one piece rainsuit...I am can not stand a leaky suit on a long ride.

    Or should I look at another brand?

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    I bought the Marsee Adventure suit at the 49'er this year. It was a 1200 mile ride home for me (on R100RS behind fairing), and then I rode to Alaska (on GS80 no fairing), half on gravel and dirt back roads (2400 mile).

    It is sized small. They don't take into account the winter liner and the protective padding. Need to order at least 2 sizes larger than you would expect.

    The knee pads in the pants are hard molded rubber, they were not in the right place, proving very uncomfortable. They advertise the stretch panel in the thigh, but they don't put any stretch panel in the lining, so there is no give.

    The pants are not waterproof on either bike (got wet today on the RS) The waterproof zips go up the inside legs but finishes at the crotch and the start of the zip (double ended) is not sealed at all. Almost 1/4inch hole right there.
    Waterproof zips just mean there is a rubber cover over the teeth, but the cover doesn't meet totally and there is no seal behind the zip just a flap of material. (Compare to First Gear that has a zip, then full velcro flap all the way down )
    The pants pockets are between the outside material and the waterproof lining, so stuff in there will get wet.

    The jacket fits well, as long as you take my comment about sizing to heart. I stayed dry in rain today on the RS, but first time in rain on the unfaired GS, I got wet through the front zip (just regular plastic, not waterproof). Have to be really careful sealing the velcro as if it gets through there the water will work around the flimsy flap and you will get wet.
    The inside wallet pocket is again between outside material and the waterproof liner. If I had had stuff in there today it would have been very wet.
    I emailed Rex Marsee about my concerns with the pants, asking four questions, His one line reply was, 'Yes it was intended to be that way.
    In other words , go away!
    I think my mistake was expecting any product from California could be designed properly for wet conditions.

    Suit looks reasonably smart, if that's all that is important go for it. If you want something to be functional, look elsewhere.

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    You might want to consider some of the Joe Rocket stuff. I had one of their jackets that was waterproof (more than my Aerostich for that matter). I've also heard some good things about Belstaff gear.

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    Beemer67...Thanks! I'm glad to be able to find out that the claims are not what they seem. Your descriptions were very helpful.

    A friend bought a Belstaff Discover and has been completely dry and pleased. I'll be looking that way now.

    Thanks again

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    Bought a Belstaff Spitfire jacket last year. Have worn it all year in numerous downpours. Very good at keeping water out. Didn't want a suit, have seperate pants/jacket. TRY IT ON - they run small IMHO. The jacket that fits me is a XXL.
    Don't winterize; Rounderize!

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    I guess I'll also take a look at the Spitfire jacket when I get some time to look into all the Belstaff line. i don't know the difference between any of the models yet. Thanks

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    For lots more opinions, check out this thread I started when I was shopping for my jacket.

    Alternative Jacket to Aerostich?

    After having the Belstaff Discovery for almost a year now, here's my take on it...

    It's a very good all around jacket. It is completely waterproof to the best of my knowledge (though I do ride a well-faired RS). I have ridden in a few downpours and have come out bone dry everytime.

    In the winter, I ride down to around 20* F with the liner zipped in, with the zip-off neck gaiter included with the jacket, and a seprate windproof neck gaiter as well. Without the additional gaiter, the jacket's gaiter just blew cold air into my helmet. With both gaiters on, I can effectively seal off the bottom of the helmet. I don't ride far in these temps (just commuting), if I did, I would need a sweatshirt or something under the jacket/liner for a longer trip.

    It's a bit hot to commute in the summer, but not too bad. The venting seems pretty poor. I'm not sure I can tell the difference with the vents open or closed (though I am mostly commuting, so don't get up very fast). Also, the RS creates a nice pocket and maybe I'm just not getting enough air flow for any vents to work very well. I've had good luck unzipping the bottom of the jacket some to increase the air flow. Most days it's at least reasonably comfortable. I've ridden it in 100* F and it's pretty hot. I'm not really sure it mattered that day if I had a jacket on or not - it was REALLY hot out - close your visor to keep from being blasted by hot air hot. The gaiter may actually be of use in the rain. Of course none of the big downpours did I actually have it with me. The gaiter should help to keep my neck dry, as the jacket doesn't come up real high without it. So the next time it rains I'll have it with me to try.

    I wear this jacket everytime I ride and it also serves as my rain jacket. I carry waterproof pants (non-motorcycle specific gear) with me and have never gotten wet. The jacket comes down far enough to cover the pants sufficiently, even with no attachment between the two.

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    Does anybody out there own any of the Marsee Full Flow Mesh gear?
    Scotch Plains, NJ

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