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Thread: Nolan N-102 with N-Com...HELP!!!!!!!!!!

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    Nolan N-102 with N-Com...HELP!!!!!!!!!!

    Does anyone out there have any knowledge or experience with this set up? Christmas brought me a new Nolan N-102 helmet and a N-Com basic kit 2 with a "X" multimedia wire (stereo type). I put the headset and speakers into the helmet (easily done); however, when the wire is plugged into a device, MP3 or GPS and music is playing I can only hear the music and not the lead vocals....WTF? If I back the plug out of the MP3 or the GPS a little bit then it plays everything beautifully. Of course since the plug is not fully inserted into the device, just kind of hanging there, this is not an option. What kind of bizarre electronic happening is going on here? I even tried a different cord that did not come with the Nolan kit and it does the same thing. 75% inserted into the MP3 or GPS audio jack sounds perfect (in the helmet just like it should) push the cord into the MP3 or GPS 100% and I either lose the lead vocals or part of the music.
    Any thoughts?

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    I have the same helmet with a Garmin Zumo550, and I use the multimedia wire, which went bad once so far, and was replaced by Nolan. I know you tried another wire, but just for peace of mind try yet another wire, and my guess is if you have the same problem the female socket built into the helmet bluetooth kit is bad. Sorry just noticed you have the basic kit, remove the little gizmo on the side of your helmet where the bluetooth should go, and make sure you have good contact in there as well. I wasn't happy with the basic kit, volume was too low without the Bluetooth kit which has it's own amp built in.
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    Thank you....there for a minute I thought I was going to get "skunked" on this thread. I am going to disassemble it all tonight and put it back in again maybe the connection is the issue. Thanks again.

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