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Thread: RKA Tank Bag

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    RKA Tank Bag

    Does anyone have any experience with RKA tank bags. I want to be able to switch my comm setup (that I have yet to purchase) between 2 bikes. Is the RKA the way to go? They seem kind of cumbersome. I have a Garmin 2820, Ipod, and will purchase a 2-way radio for bike to bike communication.

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    I had an RKA and I relly liked it.

    I did not have the one they make for radio instillations, just one of their expandables.

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    Communications tank bag

    I don't have one, but I've seen the RKA communications tank bag -- the tour leader had one on our recent trip to the Smoky Mtns. The tank bag's power was delivered by a single power line hardwired into the electrics on his VStrom. His was outfitted with voice-activated radio for communication with the riders. It also had a Zumo, power outlets, and chargers for the cell phone. The wiring package took up about a third of the bag's interior. I think they can outfit the comm kit for whatever you're using or needing. From what I can tell on the website, the tank bag only comes in one size so I don't know how it fits on bikes other than the VStrom -- but it was a nice installation and easily moved from one bike to another. Secure, too -- we were credit card camping and he could remove it in just a few snaps to store it in the bags or take it inside.
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    I used a RKA on my '96 R for about 80K miles. It was a great bag, relatively easy to take on and off. I sold it with the bike. A Marsee came with my 1150RT. I didn't like it. It was more difficult for me to use, slid around more than the RKA, and wasn't rectangular. Maps didn't fit easily in the pocket. I have the BMW bag on my R1200RT. It is absolutely the most stable on the bike, and the easiest to install and uninstall. However, it is not user friendly off the bike. You have to carry it in your hand, and the base is hard plastic with sharp edges. The RKA and, I think, the Marsee came with shoulder straps, so you could easily carry it with you.

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