I posted this on another forum, but thought it would be useful for this group, too:

In searching for a pretty expensive accessory (doesn't matter what it was) today I ran across this company, www.techncyclegear.com, with an extraordinarily low price for the item, but when I went to the web site, the price was much higher.

I sent an email query asking about the discrepancy and got an almost immediate response, explaining that the item had been on sale through the end of the year, but in the interest of good customer service, they'd honor the price, and also shipping would be free. I was impressed, tried to place the order, couldn't get the free shipping part to work, so called.

The owner answered the phone (this is likely a very small operation), and after several minutes of futzing with his web site, trying to get the shipping charge to go away, I suggested that the shipping charge would be about the same as an additional item, and why didn't we just call it even. He readily agreed, and I sent him some paypal money.

I should mention that I'd specifically asked if the item is the one for the R1200RT and he said it was. Well, after paying, I got another email from him, saying something like "oops, that kit's the wrong one for your bike, so I called the manufacturer and am having them ship it directly to you first thing Monday."

So: I saved a pretty good chunk of change, which was nice. But nicer still was the fast, friendly response, the willingness to make things easy with the shipping hangup on his web site, and finally, his double checking and realizing, AFTER he had my money, that he'd told me in error that the thing would fit my bike.

Next time I need a toy, I'm going there first. I got no remuneration for posting this; just thought I'd pass on a good experience...assuming the part gets shipped out...I have no doubts it will.