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    Started Commuting

    Not exactly a pleasure ride, but it certainly sharpens your awareness. I have to make 3 round trips from North LA County to Irvine (about 80 miles one way) each week. We have added rain and frost (in LA!) to the mix now.

    This can be a 3 hour trip by car in rush hour, I have never had it take me more than 2 hours and sometimes as little as 75 minutes on my aging K75....nothing is more fun than rolling through a dead stopped traffic jam to the front and freedom!

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    I commute daily on my K75RT and have for nearly a year now. Happiness is putting $5 worth of gas in for a week of commuting ($12 during the peak) and $274 worth of insurance for the year and about $90 of maintenance. The total comes to less than $1000 per year for reliable transportation.

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    I feel you guys . I commute 50 miles round trip on my R1100RT and I just got done figuring out it has cost me about $.17 per mile based on average $3.00 gas plus fluid changes and would have cost me about $.24 even in my S10.
    That doesn't even take into consideration the fun factor!!!

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