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Thread: Abandoned, run down, forgotten... post your pics!

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    and more south-central Panhandle
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    not far from home; Canadian River bridge
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    just west of Wheeler, Tx
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    This military academy is something like 160 years old. It was only recently abandoned. But, two buildings have holes in their roof, so I really hope someone gets around to repairing them. One classrooms floor has already started to buckle.

    Here's an abandoned train tunnel. The inside is caving in a little, but with a little work every day, it could be saved. Probably isn't going to happen.. as it's literally in some rich guys back yard.

    This place is structurally sound, but I doubt Saint Louis cares. They love erasing history. In Rolla, there's a similar condition school that... guess what(!?).. is in the process of being restored and turned into a business.

    This hospital is pretty amazing/beautiful, but the rumor is, it's about to be torn down. I'll go back tomorrow to get the last few pics.

    I've got about 20,000 pictures like these. I'll restrain myself and post more later.

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    a mile down from my place...behind a two story stone home that is also abandoned
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    Steve Henson-Mod Team and past prez SABMWRA

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    flat squirrels who couldn't make a decision~unknown

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    New Mobeetie, Tx

    a blast from the past
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    This is a view from my back yard.
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    Old Adobe

    Along State 118 - North of Terlingua, TX
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    Paul Glaves - "Big Bend", Texas U.S.A
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    Recognize this?

    Hey Paul, you might recognize this one too. It is down your way, just outside of Terlinqua.

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    A nice rental in VA :-)


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    I Remember (thoughts thru a window)
    Nestled quietly on an overgrown hillside
    I am filled with memories.
    Much more than a mere shell
    I exist as a living testimony to the past.

    I remember the Father
    with the face of a miner.
    Darkened by the years
    of digging deep within the black bowels of the earth.

    I remember the Mother
    with the hands of a giver.
    Wrinkled by the years
    of cleaning and mending and tending the garden.

    I remember the Children
    with the eyes of youth.
    Bright with the wonder
    of a world filled with simple mountain treasures.

    I remember the green fields
    planted with summer hay.
    The soft fragrances
    of herbs and the bountiful garden that fed my family.

    I remember the Laughter
    and the family gatherings on my front porch.
    Sunday readings from the book
    of revelations, praising the glory of the Maker's creations.

    I remember the joy of new arrivals,
    and the sadness of departures.
    A familiar acceptance
    of that which simply is and can not be changed by woman or man.

    Where are my children now?
    They are grown and departed.
    They have built new houses
    of love and filled them with the joy they once knew within my walls.

    Where are my Father and Mother?
    they now rest in the field.
    Risen from the ashes
    and returned to the earth, where I too must follow, my purpose fulfilled.

    Nestled quietly on an overgrown hillside
    I am filled with memories.
    Much more than a mere shell
    I exist as a living testimony to the past.
    And I Remember.


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    And all that is left:
    '16 R1200RS

    You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough. -- Mae West

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    Chevy Truck......

    Chevy pickup in need of........
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    g r a n t

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