Start the new year off right with a ride to the BMW Motoraad Conclave on Thursday, January 1, 2009. All riders and pillions on any make are encouraged to stop by Wimpy's Marina on the river between 1100-1400 for lunch, coffee, camaraderie, planning, discussion, debate, or simply a destination to stretch your bike's legs on the first day of the New Year. No reservations required, no list to create. You can get up late and/or be back in time for the Rose Bowl(Go Penn State!) or make it an all day ride if the weather if fine.(and it looks to be!) Riders from all points of the compass are welcome! Stay for a few minutes, stay for a few hours.

See you there!

Wimpy's Marina (of course they have cheeseburgers!)
14001 W. Walnut Grove Road
Walnut Grove, CA 95690