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Thread: 1100 rt 18,000 mile service (bmw manhattan)

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    1100 rt 18,000 mile service (bmw manhattan)

    hi everyone, I'm ready for my 18k service (bought last year with 8k on it).. anyway i got the 12k done at bmw manhattan.. 15k was just an oil change.. now I'm ready for my 18k.. I was thinking of going to cliffs, just a little bit of pain to get there and back.. but i would take the time if i thought my bike was not getting the proper care at a dealer.. comments.... thanks and happy holidays.

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    max bmw makes weekly drives to the NYC metro area, free pickup, i like max's

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    Just had major stuff done at Max's. They picked up and delivered. It was a great service experience

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    Cliff's is top notch- really excellent people.
    that said- you can do the 18K (and most every other ?K service) on your own. buy a manual (Clymer of Haynes, no big difference) and a TwinMax with the money you don't give to the dealer for this service, and most of the others are nearly free!
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