You guys are going to LOVE this rally site. It is truly the perfect venue for the BMW MOA National Rally.

There is tons of shaded camping. There is even a pond to camp around, if you'd like. Shade trees all over the place. The closest motels are just 60 seconds away.

We hope for a record breaking attendance of vendors, because of the convenient, central location.

And Lima is easily within a one-day ride for a great percentage of the BMW MOA riders.

Why Lima, some of you have asked? For all of the reasons above. Sometimes our rallies are located in the middle of awesome riding areas. Sometimes the riding near a national rally site isn't as exciting, but there are other "draws"

There is NOT a crime problem in Lima. (Where the heck did that come from?)

Needless to say, I am SO excited about the 05 Rally. Just wait until your hear about some of the awesome things we are lining up. You won't want to miss it!

The dates are Thursday July 21 through Sunday, July 24, 2005. Feel free to contact me off-list with any questions --- or if you'd like to volunteer.

Sue Rihn-Manke
2005 National Rally Chair