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Thread: Cabin Fever Sets In Early on the Prairies

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    Cabin Fever Sets In Early on the Prairies

    Well it looks like we are in for the long haul now.... Let's hope winter gives out early this year. I was warned about buying a new bike in the late fall..... now I am feeling the pain.....

    All the best this Holiday Season !!!!!!

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    You can always do what I do...

    I sit on the bike twice a day and buzz my lips...vroom, vroom. Sounds just like a Remus exhaust system.

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    Hey thanks for that suggestion..... been there and done that !!!

    When I was younger and single, I kept my RZ350 in the eating area of my kitchen...... threw the table and chairs onto the deck until spring.... I'd sit on the bike some evenings, have a few beers (no harm done) and wait for the Pizza delivery. I should have kept that bike.... just for the memories.

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