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Thread: Houston - San Antonio Ride for Troops

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    Houston - San Antonio Ride for Troops

    Cross-posted from the Airheads listserve:

    A ride is being put together from the Houston, TX area to San Antonio, TX and Ft. Sam Houston to visit with the wounded veterans in the hospital there. Small gifts will be delivered along with pre-paid phone cards. These vets are among our most seriously wounded from the Iraq / Afghanistan area.

    The ride is tentatively set for Dec 24. It will be a turn around, leaving early AM, returning late afternoon, early PM. In case of rain for all or most of the route, or snow/ice in the San Antonio area an alternate date would be used. If same weather conditions apply for the alternate date, ride would be canceled, and all gifts mailed to the hospital.

    If you sign up, please bring something to give them. Pre-paid phone cards can be used by the troops from their barracks there. If you wish only to contribute a small gift, a pre-paid phone card, or send a contribution to buy a phone card, that's great too. A PayPal account has been set up at: Contributions can be sent to that account. As of Dec 20, more than $300 has been collected in phone cards and phone card donations for these service members.

    Any questions or to sign up, contact Sarge at the same above email.

    Sarge...Rangers Lead the Way
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