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Thread: Looking for R90S painter

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    Looking for R90S painter

    Does anyone know of a good painter for my 1975 R90S Daytona Orange?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hannah View Post
    Does anyone know of a good painter for my 1975 R90S Daytona Orange?
    Holt BMW in Ohio is the gold standard for this work.
    Paul Glaves - "Big Bend", Texas U.S.A
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    Ditto and just up the road from Holt is Bob Wark another gold standard. Both advertise in the ON.

    Be forewarned - gold standard means $$$$ but the 90S is very demanding to paint and if the shading is not perfect, all is lost.


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    H-where are you?Please fill in your profile.I am taking my 05 gs to the local custom bike guy this afternoon.Knowing where you are may get you more guidance..Ed

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    Very pleased with the work Ray Atwood did on my 84 R100CS Last Edition. Absolutely fabulous paint work and not nearly as expensive as Holt. I constantly get comments on the depth, clarity and quality of this paint.

    Ray advertises in ON, as well.
    Dave Swider
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    My painer in Belmont, CA has done about 20 bikes for me...all different shades of pearls and shading. Pinstripes by hand.

    You walk into his shop and there are always Porsches, Ferraris, a couple REAL exotics like a Formula 1 or original Shelby getting prepped for paint.

    He does bikes on the side because he likes them...but cars pay the bills. My '88 KRS with the blue/white pearl combination and double pinstriping was $1,300. The last R80G/S with 10 pieces in a charcol pearl white (you have to see it to believe it) was $700.

    Perfect painter and great guys at the shop.
    Greg Hutchinson
    R80G/S (4) 633CSi with 450K mile
    '68 R60/2 '88 K100RS Special Edition

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