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Thread: Upstate NY ride

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    Upstate NY ride

    I am planning a Canada dualsport trip this summer and was thinking of re-entering the U.S. somewhere south of Quebec City, say Vermont or New York. Anyone got any suggestions for a good two lane ride through upstate New York and then in to Ohio?

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    to Malone, then route 30 to 3 to 104....

    I grew up in NNY, so I can only speak of those routes with some knowledge, but if you crossed over into Malone, NY and headed south on 30, then 3 at Tupper Lake through Watertown and down the eastern shore of Lake Ontario. Look for the small town of Texas, NY as you go on route 104B. You probably won't see any signs for it, but some houses, barns and businesses will still have lone stars affixed to them. I'm not sure, but I think that Texas was annexed by nearby Mexico!
    Anyways, 104, in all it's alphabetical variations, willl lead to getting up on the Lake Road, just west of Sodus. Here you will have a view of Lake Ontario from the south side and will eventually lead to the Lake Ontario State Parkway, which is surprisingly desolate, but nicely maintained stretch that will lead you round to Niagara Falls. This route gives a taste of the Adironacks and Lake Ontario scenery.
    But there are assuredly more kick ass ways to get from your point A to B, this is just one suggestion and it is not a dual sport route. Before the days of internet and GPS (1995), I remember finding my way along dirt roads that my grandfather used for logging in the twenties and thirties between Eagle Bay and Lowville. All I had was a heavily laden R90/6, a ratty atlas and beaucoup faith that they wouldn't dead end into a scene from Deliverance Chain Saw Massacre. For that route, you would continue south on 30 to route 28 to Eagle Bay.
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    Thanks, slashsixer, just the sort of tip I was looking for. I know the ride through Watertown and Tupper Lake. I went that way in 1978 to the MOA rally in Vermont.

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