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Thread: CLC battery question revisited

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    Question CLC battery question revisited

    In responses to my first post, regarding a good battery for my 04 CLC,
    I was directed to a Odyssey PC680.
    New question - will the basic Odyssey fit the CLC battery box.
    (they have three different PC680 batteries,
    the basic has no metal casing, which I assume is not needed because it is
    used where there is a high heat issue)
    Since I have to remove the gas tank and a bunch of other items to access the
    battery, (thanks BMW) I wanted to have the battery on hand rather than
    dismantle the bike and then have to wait for the battery to arrive.
    I have the dimensions for the Odyssey battery but I haven't been able to
    find the dimensions for the CLC battery box.

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    Jim, check out You can probably find the info you're looking for there. I have an '04 CL as well - fortunately, I haven't had to face the battery issue yet!


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    Many of us chromeheads are using this battery. I think the metal jacket version is for bikes where the battery is more exposed. Ours are very well enclosed and protected.

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    A few very minor adjustments to the brackets are required. (Flatten them.) No need for the metal jacket model. Great battery!

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    I have the PC680 in my C and I think the battery box & access are the same as on your CLC. Great battery, I'm getting ready to put one in the RT also.

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    Thanks everyone - I ordered the PC680

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    It's not the brackets you flatten, it's the battery cable terminals, unless you pay extra for the post adapters. It's a matter of "90-degree or flat" for the cable ends. I seem to remember shimming the battery in the compartment, slipping a thin piece of plastic sheet edge-on, down along one side, to keep the battery tight within the compartment, too.

    While you're in there, it's easy to change out the air filter, too.

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