The moderators and many others, from the forum to the Board, have been ruminating over the sig line rules since before I got involved. Today we introduce another stab at getting this right. I quote now from the new version from the Posting Guidelines FAQ:

Sig lines and other publicly visible info

As the world changes we are working to adapt the forum to be increasingly useful for members.
We have been through much debate and a couple different implementations; these are the current

Your sig line can contain a maximum of 4 lines, including line spaces, and 300 characters. You are welcome to include links, format it as you like and change the font, color and size of text. We are limiting the maximum text size to 3 (the default size is 2). You cannot embed images or objects from the internet (eg, YouTube video frames), but you can link to them.

The content of sig lines is governed by the general site guidelines (so no personal attacks, obscenities, political statements, SPAM, religion, etc.) These rules also apply to other ephemera such as avatars, location info, custom user title and any other fields visible with postings or in the public profile area.

As you can see, we have broadened your abilities to format your sig line, and given you more space in which to do it (3 lines -> 4 lines, 150 characters -> 300 characters).

We have also eliminated the discussion regarding commercial links and "click tracking". This was always a sore point. Many people have businesses and sidelines that they would like to include in their sigs, both for the advertising value and also because it represents an aspect of that person. Even personal homepages or blogs with incidental advertising on them could have been considered "commercial pages". Also, every indication I have received says that neither the club's web site team nor the board will soon have the bandwidth to pursue any kind of click tracking technology nor make use of the results. So, we are dropping those restrictions, although that doesn't mean that they couldn't be revisited at some later date.

HOWEVER. Moderators will be free to give infractions to people who create commercial signatures ("NEWEST FARKLES FOR YOUR BMW!! BUY! BUY! BUY!"), in an attempt to make their commercial signature a Spam posting.

It could be said that the mods have, up to now, put policing signatures towards the bottom of the priority list. This will no longer be true, and forum users with nonconforming signatures will be asked to change them and, should that not happen, or should the signature be an especially egregious violation, then it may be summarily deleted.

I would also like to take this opportunity to point out that the Posting Guidelines FAQ has also been changed to reflect the creation of the Tavern on the Screen area, which has its own special rules. I invite you to refresh your familiarity with the Guidelines, as your usage of the MOA's forum is bound by them.