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Thread: Snow sucks.

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    Snow sucks.

    Snow today. Nasty outside.

    But it is warm in the garage and the bike is apart for maintenance. And the DVR is full of all the M/C races from the past season. Guess I can survive.

    BTW people, if you haven't ridden the roads of Eastern and Central KY, you haven't lived. Empty and rollercoaster-like.

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    You think YOU have snow? You should come up here to the great white north sometime!! It's not even winter yet, and we have had over 48 inches of the fluffy white stuff! I was down your way this fall and have to tell you that you DO have some mighty fine roads! Of course if you have snow, your not far enough south to suit my tastes. I have only five years until retirement. and plan on moving out of here as soon as possible!! Thinking about eastern Tenn, or maybe western Va, Any place they DON'T get snow measured by the foot!! Good grief, I,m whining alot lately!! Vaya con Dios, Ya'll

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    I really feel for you guys!!! 78 degrees here today, and I didn't go riding. Tomorrow a group of us will be riding to the Beach for lunch. supposed to get up to 76 degrees. I know we have it rough.

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    maybe a little of both

    I went into a store here in South Georgia dripping with sweat and told the young lady behind the counter that I was moving North,..........................
    "to enjoy some of that beautiful snow".

    The sweet looking, 100 lb girl looked at me like I had lost my mind and said in a loud nasal, Boston draw........"You're out of your (expletive) mind".

    Maybe, but to wake up to that fresh cool morning air would seem like heaven to me.

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    It does have its benefits.

    Snow does have its benefits. So one cannot ride - but one can scheme. Scheme of farkles yet to be installed. Read some articles about rides to be taken in the next year. Put a fire in the fireplace, sit back and relax.

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    I love the roads in eastern and central Kentucky. We ride there often. Also WV. Come on up my way sometime and I will take you around southeastern Ohio. You will feel right at home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidBMWRT View Post
    The sweet looking, 100 lb girl looked at me like I had lost my mind and said in a loud nasal, Boston draw........"Yah outta' yah (expletive) mind".
    There. Fixed. And she's right.

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    Hey all; Well here it is the 23rd. day of December, the third day of winter and we have had a total of 56 inch so far this FALL!! I can hardly wait until winter REALLY gets here!! Roadrider magazixe did a wonderful (and VERY tempting!!) tour of eastern Tenn, Western North Carolina, that has me slobbering all over myself!!! I have only five years until retirement, and I believe we have found our "new" home! Think spring everyone!! Vaya con Dios, Dutch

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