I have had an experience with a product that bears sharing...

My PIAA 80 driving lights went kaput and after a little diagnostics and a LOT of help from other knowledgeable members of this forum, I determined that my light relay had failed.

I emailed PIAA to confirm that I was ordering the correct relay for these lights before I started disassembly. I wanted to avoid having the bike scattered all over my garage while I dug out the old relay and got the part number.

PIAA customer service responded overnight with an email indicating that I HAD to dig out the old relay so they could get the part number off it to tell me what was correct.

They added that they warrantee (sp?) their products for life so the relay will be replaced at no charge.

Say what? Did you say the parts are guaranteed for life?
Yes they did. They pay the shipping, they pay the handling, and they provide the replacement part at no charge. It's really that easy.

This is an 8 year old relay and it will be covered until the bike dissolves. Now THATS what I call customer service! They cover any part except the lamps (bulbs) which is fully understandable.

So, to all that are considering hanging a set of driving lights on your bike, consider PIAA's warranty as part of your decision making process.

Needless to say, a free replacement relay makes having the bike disassembled all over the garage worth it.