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Thread: How effective is ATGATT?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Semper_Fi View Post
    i choose to use it, but you can't force people to use it.

    Yes you can, you can legislate it.
    It can be made mandatory that every rider has to wear protective clothing to a given standard.
    No appropriate gear, bike gets confiscated.

    Now, the questions are, should you and who would do that?

    In the absence of laws enforcing ATGATT, may I commend those with enough foresight to see the benefits and act accordingly.

    Even in the summer heat, the road surface is still harder than you are. Sweat can be washed off, skin grafts on the other hand...

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    My son was hit by a car on I-24. He was passing the car and the car pulled out and hit him. My son was wearing a Roadcrafter from Aerostich. He went down and slid 50-75 yards down the shoulder. No abrasions, no cuts. Some bruises from the rumble strip. helmut ground down a bit, Sidi On Road boots ground down a little. he walked away. ATGATT won't prevent broken bones but will stop road rash, the hardest and most painful to heal. Plus not grinding off a chin is a plus.

    My kids and I nearly always ATGATT (we should all the time), but I am strongly against legislating it. The government insists we teach evolution. Let us practise it!
    Jim Johnson, OP Kansas
    Marcus Aurelius: "The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane."

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    Quote Originally Posted by ultracyclist View Post
    What I find interesting about this thread, is that people are talking about their accidents. Riding has risks, but I find that people are reluctant to talk about them. People do not want to sound negative ;and therefore, these risks are "acceptable".
    I suppose the risks are acceptable, but mainly it's the non-crash time on the bike that we like.
    Marilyn Roberts
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    [QUOTE My kids and I nearly always ATGATT (we should all the time), but I am strongly against legislating it. [/QUOTE]

    [QUOTE The government insists we teach evolution. Let us practise it![/QUOTE]

    The thing about traveling is, you never want it to end and you can't wait to get home.
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    On the mend

    Many thanks to all well wishers regarding my recent entanglement with a member of the deer persuasion! No getting around the miraculous luck my injuries are confined to ribs only and nothing more serious or fatal. Good samartians stopped to help instead of leaving me in the road for the next guy and the local (Granville NY Rescue Squad was on scene in minutes...reinstills faith in my fellow man!!

    Not wearing All the Gear All the Time is foolhardy, no matter how short your trip or how hot the weather or what an inconvenience it might seem to dig it out of the closet and struggle into the snaps and zippers. In the end, it takes only a minute and the benefits, in case of a getoff, so outweigh the hassles as to be stupid not to do so. Be smart and SUIT UP EVERY TIME.....Please. Your family will thank you and you'll gain the regard of the medical community who see the alternative results all too often. Again, thanks to extended Beemer community for your gracious concern. I'm on the mend and will look forward to a (another) new RT in Spring '09. Best, Lucky "7 Ribs" Lyman

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