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Thread: Mt. Rogers

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    Mt. Rogers

    Anyone ridden the Mt. Rogers National Recreation Area in Virginia? Looks like a lot of nice riding through there. Very interested in roads like Dry Creek road and NF-57 throughout the park. Paved/Unpaved? Quality? Scenery?

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    i've ridden around there some, the camping is very good in the grayson highlands state park. US 58 and VA16 are excellent and there are tons of small, local back roads.

    it's a pretty safe bet that most roads starting with NF are not going to be paved, but will be very good, graded gravel.

    i found dry creek road on the map, and using my nose, judging by the way it looks i would *guess* that it is not paved.

    the images on google earth aren't sharp enough to see, but judging where that road runs, it most likely is gravel.

    how about riding there and telling us what you find out????


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    The Mount Rogers area is home to both of my parents. They are both buried just below the entrance to the park as are most of my other relatives. I've ridden the area for years and driven around there all my life. I don't know the names of the roads because I've been on them all my life and the darn E-911 renaming changed the name of most of the roads. There is great riding all through the area. Most of the roads that were dirt when I was a teenager are now paved. Rt 58 is the road that the park entrance is on. It is a great ride from Volney, VA to Damascus, VA. Rt 16 is a nice ride from exit 45 on I-81 in Marion, VA to Rt 58 at Volney. The mountain beside Mount Rogers on Rt 58 has a very nice road over it to Konnarock. You turn off Rt 58 at the Whitetop Post Office. You can go over the mountain on the road and you will come to a stop sign at the botton (at Konnarock). You turn right at the stop sign. If you go straight, you will ride a nice(but pretty straight) road back to I-81 in Chilhowie, VA. If you turn right at the first road just across the bridge, you will ride a very nice road back to Rt 16 in Troutdale where you will thrn left to return to I-81.

    If you ever get that way,you can e-mail me and I will give you direction for a bunch of other good roads in the area.
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