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Thread: Nebraska to Argentina- Need tires

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    Nebraska to Argentina- Need tires

    Well here I am in San Christobal de las Casas Mexico getting ready to ride to Guatemala next week. I could use some help and suggestions. We are riding 2007 F650GS bikes and need new front tires 100/90-19 dual sport tube type. That size seems to be hard to find here in Mexico. I am afraid Central America will be worse. I have about 2500 km of tread left, but would rather not wait till Columbia

    So if anyone has a lead or a suggestion it would be appreciated.

    Our blog is feel free to respond to the email address.

    Fritz Sampson

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    It's possible to get tyres in Panama City at the BMW dealers there, however you are in the "season" and tyres sell out fast. Ring ahead.

    If you do make Panama City however and are flying into Bogota, I'd wait and get them there. There's a street where you'll have to go to get your license reflective bib in Bogota. While it's being prep'd 45mins, walk round the block. There's a whole street full of bike mechanics, tyre sellers and everything you could want...and it's bloody cheaper than dealership prices.

    Enjoy the ride. When in Guatamala can I recommend Santiago Atitlan as a destination. Nominee for a modern wonder of the world. People are amazing. Take a torch though as the electricity fails, often.

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    here's the link to the BMW dealer in Guatemala City ... great guys , very helpful but still might not have what your looking for .. lol ..
    cuidado riding in Guate city my friend ... peace, ed
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