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Thread: BMW Comfort Shell gear

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    Question BMW Comfort Shell gear

    Does anyone have riding experience with the BMW Comfort Shell jacket and pant?
    Other than - they are pricey. In search for the perfect all weather, all year,
    jacket / pant combo, if it exists. Not into one pc suits. Don't like to carry multiple
    jackets/pants on longer trips where temps may vary a lot. The heated liner takes
    up enough space as is.
    I know the Comfort Shell is advertised as a three season jacket, but I use heated
    jacket liner and gloves when needed and figure they will work with a lighter
    weight shell.

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    bmw comfort shell

    got my comfort shell in march when I bought my r1200rt. I wear it every time I ride.
    After 15,000 miles I can say it's well worth the money. Rode 200 miles in the rain
    and stayed warm and dry. For me it's comfortable up to 95 degrees. I can wear
    just a t-shirt under the jacket down to 50 degrees. In the low 30's with an electric vest, light fleece jacket and long underwear for the pants I stay warm.
    Good investment for the long haul.

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    +1 on the comfort shell.... I have the jacket and considering the pants... love it!

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    I have used a First Gear Kil 2 and HT overpants (about 50K). I then used an Aerostich Darien top and bottom and I now ride in a Comfort Shell top and bottom for the last year and 35K. I like the Comfort Shell the best by far. For me, it is a better fit, more comfortable and has stayed dry in a few thousand miles of insane amounts of rain. I think it also covers the widest range of temperature in comfort. Hated the price, love the suit.

    By the way, I believe the reason BMW calls it a 3 season suit is that it has no removable thermal liner. Makes no difference to me as I use a Gerbing anyway.
    Live this day.

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    thanks for all the feedback

    I don't care for the price either, but if it replaces multiple sets of gear trhen
    it seems worthwhile.
    Thanks again

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