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Thread: Last Rainfest I promise

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    Last Rainfest I promise

    After burgers ala Cliffy, we had a couple barley pops, setteled in to watch Nemo, and promptly fell asleep. It was a great way to end the day.

    The next morning, I packed up, had an entertaining breakfast, and learned I would be escorted for part of my journey by Cliff, his brother and nephew. (two people, not one) We had a nice pace to Charlotte, were we parted company. I headed home, wondering if the traffic would be kind to me on my journey.

    I had an excellent weekend. Cliffy was an outstanding host, as was SWMBO. It was a shame the weather didn't cooperate, but it was a great time overall. The last two pictures are of me, and were taken by Cliff with my camera. If you are ever get the chance to meet him, you find him a really great guy.
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    I did meet him (Cliff) and frankly he bugs the hell out of me. We want him out of here....(Voices inside my head, echo things that you said....)
    Lorazeman was a fine house guest - didn't break anything.
    Sure, he dusted my butt on the race track, but I can't go into that now. The truth will be revealed when I tell all in an upcoming piece in the ON. (Can't risk losing my t-shirt just because I am tempted to blab on this forum.)
    We did notice that the rain came and went along with our friend from Ohio....He wanted to blame the great state of Michigan, but we enjoyed wonderful weather before he got here and when he left. Hmmmm
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