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Thread: Dang another Rainfest

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    Dang another Rainfest

    We had a lunch at the gatoraide station, and the rain finally stopped. We had riders meeting and were separated into groups for the afternoon we would have riding. Cliff and I had an instructor to ourselves. If you would like a description of how one of the Sportbike Tracktime sessions go, then check out Midwest track day in the clubhouse.

    Grattan is a challenging course with a bit of elevation combined with an off camber left hander, and a bus stop that will frustrate you every lap. One thing that Cliff and I discovered was we could not shake the tendancy to decelerate for blind curves. If you ride without doing that where we live, you can run into any number of things.

    A line never really developed, it was just too slick and cool on the track. We were treated to several crashes during the course of the day.

    Overall, I would have to rate the day at Gingerman above the day at Grattan. It comes down to better weather, better food, and a better instructor. I still had fun, and pushed the bike as hard as weather permitted. I gained some confidence in the wet, and got to work on line changes at speed, some of them even on purpose.
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