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Thread: Yet more rainfest

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    Yet more rainfest

    Cliffy can't really do a trip report on this weekend, he is writing an article and I am the offical spokesperson, heh.

    I would love to have pictures of all the neat bikes there, but my camera doesn't like the rain. Trust me, there is all sorts of exotic machinery there. I saw MV, Bimota, Ducati, Aprilia, and some pretty wild two strokes. MarkF better wear a cup if he goes to one, or he won't be able to walk around.

    As our track day wore on, our entertainment consisted of:

    Watching a little kid ride a miniture electric Ducati around the pits.

    Watching the photo guy knock the water off his canopy.

    Walk over to the gatoraide dispenser (under cover) and hydrate.

    Watch the little grattan river flow across the track.
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