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Thread: Rainfest part deux

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    Rainfest part deux

    The fourth dawned much the same way the previous evening ended, very grey and damp. As I slid into my leathers, Cliffy assured me that the rain didn't look bad at all, and it would bel pretty clear soon. I noticed that he shut it down really quickly as I came in his direction to take a look. I was treated yet again to some very nice roads, and a brisk pace to enjoy them with.

    After a quick gas stop, we made the final miles to the track in an ever increasing drizzle that turned to rain as we arrived.

    Everyone was either under cover where they were camped, or at the registration center, which was normally a tech inspection garage, I would guess.

    There were some jaws dropping when a couple BMW bikes show up in the rain to do a track day, guess some of them had never even seen a beemer before.
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