On Saturday the 3rd, I rode up to Cliffy's place in Beautiful Michigan to attend drag races that night, and a track day on the 4th.

I had beautiful weather on the way up. I made great time, the back roads are just like the highways going in that direction, flat and straight.

Since I was running late due to things I had to get done, I put it in get there mode. I discovered that 80 is a very comfortable cruising speed for the RRS. It is definately a mile eater when you need it. I didn't stop for pictures, no time if I wanted to make the races.

Upon arriving at Cliffy's place I was greeted with a hearty "how did you like the fresh gravel on the road? We had it ordered special for you." I am used to tar and chip roads, we have them here, so it was no sweat.

Once I let my butt round out, and had a diet dew along with some great conversation, we decided it was time to hit the road for the drags. Little did I know, but this ride was to christen the start of the July 4 waterfest and rain convention.

We pulled up to the drags after Cliffy left me in the dust on the nice sweeping curves he has to ride there in the area. I was treated to roads in great shape for the most part, and they were entertaining, with very little traffic.

No sooner than we had parked the bikes and too a few steps toward the concession stand, the heavens opened up. We had an official frog strangler sizziling on our still hot pipes.
After taking shelter under cover at the concession stand, we were treated to a combination hot rod show and unofficial wet tshirt contest.

The drags were cancelled, and after the rain let up, we walked through the pit area and watched everyone pack up, and admired the ultra specialized machines, which unlike the machines we pilot, are designed to do just one thing very well.

After the traffic died down, and it looked like the rain would stop for a bit, we made our break. The plan was to hit the slab and take a more direct route to the CY estate. Have you ever experienced the joy of hail pelting you along with heavy rain and road spray? It is not to be missed, let me assure you. Not as much fun as blizzard conditions in the mountains, but it rocks.

We managed to exit the highway and leave the rain with it. We were treated to two very nice fireworks displays, which we stopped to admire. After some excellent eats, and more great conversation, we called it a night. Track day starts early.

end of part one