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SIck and tired of snow. Spent three hours doing snow removal. Tired cold and sore. A nice ride somewhere warm sounds good now.
You just need more options (aka 'toys') to keep you interested.

After I moved here (from northeast Ohio), I shoveled for about two years. My two drives are about 300' and 50' long, respectively, and I needed a couple hundred feet of walkway cleared to get to the garages. We typically get three-foot drifts. One morning as I hit the town 'plow leavings' in the mouth of my drive, I paused, thinking "This really sucks!" and decided I didn't want to be 'found' out there some day.

So we bought Da Snow T'rower. Not one of those weenie electric ones, either. This is an 8 hp 26" MTD (arrgh, arrgh, ARRGH!). Two stage. Electric start. 6 forward speeds, two reverse, self-propelled. (ARRGH!) Sucker will eat almost anything it's seen in the 10+ years since. Except those fine, sub-zero wind-driven drifts that have to be broken up with a spade (very rare) and the really heavy, wet stuff over about a foot deep (just go slower). It might be a little slow sometimes, but the worst physical problem I have is getting wet from the blown stuff. No heart attacks!

Then, there's Da Ford: a 1950 8N (every gentleman farmer's "AARGH!"). 4-speed crashbox (You do know how to double clutch, don't you?). 3-point hydraulic hitch. PTO. IMPLEMENTS! Also a 5' rear blade. Lots of fun to push snow around with. Unfortunately, Da Ford can get stuck. DAMHIK.

Then, we need Da Jeep ...