It was good, not great. Most manufacturers were there, but with relatively small footprints. Sorry to see BMW not there. They were the only major mfr. not to make it, which was a shame. Heck, Moto Guzzi was there, and they may only sell 3000 units worldwide this year. Maybe Piaggio is displaying the brand for sale?... Word on the street is that Piaggio is going full on for scooters, with Aprilia and Guzzi left hanging. The Guzzi factory is reportedly shutting down for a few weeks, and all design and development work of the brand is now being done at Aprilia.

Suzuki at least had the guts to show with its two new smaller bikes: the TU250 standard and the ill-named Gladius, which despite criticisms from others really struck a design chord with me. Honda had its bizzarro big-ass scooter/motorcycle hybrid there. Didn't seem to generate much interest. Ditto the Aprilia Mana 850, another clutch-free creation. Supposedly, there's a market for motorcycles that are the next step up for scooter buyers. Really? Hmm. Not this boy.

Talked to a vendor friend of mine in Seattle who said his show sales are down about 35% this year compared to last on the tour. Lots of people looking; few people buying he said.

Great to see Dave Hough there autographing books.