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    Ballston Spa, NY; South of the Adirondacks, North of the Catskills and West of The Berkshires and Green Mountains

    New York State

    New York Motorcycle Roads and Trips <-Click Here

    For a National Map <- Click Here

    New York Tourism geographically divides New York State into the following regions:
    1. Adirondacks
    2. Capital District– Saratoga Springs
    3. Catskills
    4. Chautauqua & Allegheny
    5. Finger Lakes
    6. Hudson River
    7. Leatherstocking (Central)_
    8. Niagara and the St. Lawrence
    9. New York City

    1. Start your search for all things New York State at the official Empire State Website ( which then directs the visitor to: Tourism, Big Biz, Small Biz, High Tech and Film.

    2. The Adirondacks. I live on the very edge of this old Mt. Range which has been the home of two winter Olympics. Visit this website to start your Adirondacks planning: For an aerial tour <- Click there. Lake George in the Adirondack Mountains is home to Americade, the largest touring rally in the world. Americade always offers more activities than any other rally. June 1 - 6, 2009.

    3. Albany is Capital of New York and just up the Hudson is Saratoga Springs the summer center of horse racing for the world. This central location is a logical encampment with rail, highway, air and water connections to the rest of the Empire State. Start your Albany planning here:

    4. The Catskills. Home of Color in the Catskills - the MOA's premier regional riding rendezvous. A world of natural beauty awaits you in the region of wide-open spaces, mountains, lakes and rivers. Antiques, canoeing, rock climbing, concerts and golf await you. Start your Catskills planning here:

    5. Chautauqua & Allegheny. This quiet corner of NY might be easily overlooked by any but the most discriminating traveler. You won't have any trouble finding the Chautauqua/Allegheny region on your map of New York State - it's as far west as you can go! Start your Chautauqua & Allegheny planning here:

    6. The Finger Lakes. The Finger Lakes is the home to one of the best BMW rallies. The rally is popular due to superb planning and to the numerous opportunities for sightseeing. For more information about The Finger Lakes Rally, click here. Don’t miss The Glen Curtis Museum. If your dream vacation is watching the sun set over hills across the lake from your cottage window, or observing wildlife from a cabin in the woods, you can do it in the Finger Lakes. Start your Finger Lakes planning here:

    7. The Hudson River Valley. America’s first unique school of artists were inspired by the scenery in this valley. Watch Snoopy fight the Red Baron, visit the home of FDR, West Point or join the airheads at the world famous Annual Airheads at the Aerodrome. Start your Hudson River planning here

    8. The Leatherstocking District. Leatherstocking, NY named for the unique leather leggings worn by frontiersmen and made famous by James Fenimore Cooper, this region is the geographic heartland of the state. If you are a baseball fan head for The Baseball Hall of Fame.
    Start your Leatherstocking planning here:

    9. The St. Lawrence River System. One of the few truly international areas in New York State, the Thousand Islands ~ Seaway Region is one of NY’s most popular vacation spots. Actually this river drains all the Great Lakes so it is not too much of a stretch to include
    Niagara Falls,
    Montreal and
    Quebec City.
    Start your St. Lawrence planning here:

    Saving the best for last?
    10. New York City or the Big Apple or Gotham home to the BIG Gig In Gotham is the Nation’s largest City. No one website can do it justice but the rules say, only website. So start with the newspaper that has all the news fit to print, The New York Times. Start your Big Apple planning here:

    Check out this fancy interactive map
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    NY.......home sweet home

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    Thanks for the Big kick off Paul. That looks great! Gotta learn all of that postin stuff some time.


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    "and just up the Hudson is Saratoga Springs the summer center of horse racing for the world."
    And its that time of year when the locals all rent their homes out and head for the mountains...!

    Don't forget Americade up in the Adirondacks...
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    Ballston Spa, NY; South of the Adirondacks, North of the Catskills and West of The Berkshires and Green Mountains
    How could I fail to list Americade? Will fix that oversight!

    Later: fixed!

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    NY Canal Systems

    I have also re-discovered some great villages and small towns, twistie roads and genuine people riding my R100 along the back roads that parallel the New York State Canal System (Erie and Champlain Canals). Take a look!

    Also, town of Waterford, NY has a great event called the Tugboat Round Up. Usually the first weekend of September. If you are into old machines and fun music...check it out.

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