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Thread: Hinges for hard System Cases

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    Question Hinges for hard System Cases

    What hinge arrangement(s) are needed to switch between, city, standard and highway lids? I see that Karl Kruger no longer makes his Klamps and I wondered why they were needed in the first place. Do you need 'extra' long hinges to mount the highway lids or something else?
    Is there a replacement product on the market or do I just buy BMW hinges?
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    all three lids take the same BMW hinge. replacement hinges are machine screws with nuts instead of rivets. buy one set of hinges and change lids as desired. I went from city, to std, to large on my RTP that way.

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    If the Klamps are what I'm remembering, they were just a quick release hinge to make swapping between lids easier. The BMW hinges with machine screws instead of rivets will work fine and will take just a bit longer to change over.
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    The Klamp system isn't in production anymore.
    only found out about them as a 1st time owner.
    how to find a kit still out there?
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