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Thread: Snowy Iowa checking in

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    Snowy Iowa checking in

    Looking forward to the regional forums as a great way to get tuned into local events/rides. Forecast for 4-8" of slippery white debris to clog roads tommorow so reading about rides will be about as good as it gets for now.

    Maybe MBW needs to expand their lineup to boxer snowmobiles.
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    Here in the middle of the "Beautiful Land" we endure four months of frozen purgatory each year and a huge grid that passes for roads. From a motorcyclist's perspective not nirvana, and not much of a place to visit but really a great place to live. We cram as much riding as we can into the other eight months and travel far and wide in search of interesting pavement, gravel and dirt in which to partake. There is a sizable BMW motorcycle community here, great riding and many fabulous rallies within a day's ride. For us the going is as important as the getting there. Besides; flat-landers like us truly relish places like the Tail of the Dragon, the Pacific Coast Highway and the Rocky Mountains like the locals never can.

    The regional forum idea is long over due and greatly appreciated.

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