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This sounded interesting so I went to look it up.. Somehow I do not believe this is what you were referring to. So can you tell us a link to where it might be??
Oh geez , it's an old nickname I first discovered in "The Jeep Bible" by Granville King & Willie Worthy. I started carrying one and first used it in my '57 Willys Jeep truck, and found that a "Super Hurricane" inline six flathead made a handy air compressor. Later on I noticed some of my trailbike riding friends carried them as well, and I think it's also been referred to on the Airheads web site.
Overall, it's a very handy and versatile gizmo, but you have to make sure you have easy access to the spark plug and room to use it, and I wouldn't use it on a late model bike with fuel injection.

If you're looking for one online, try this link: http://www.cruztools.com/tirecare.html