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Thread: RT Mirrors Solved

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    Quote Originally Posted by RTinger View Post
    It seems like if you need to do a 'HEAD CHECK" you do not understand your mirrors, because the mirrors allow you to see what you see with a head-check...probably more efficiently than a quick glance...

    If you experiment when you are at a light, leaning forward and look into your mirror to see the angle of vision you gain by noting the parked cars around you, you beging to understand what I am talking about...

    I dont mean to insult anyone...if you like the head check, by all means....
    You are correct sir...As a truck diver for 20+years (and not one accident I might add) you HAVE to learn to trust your mirrors especially with a full face helmet and
    perscription shades on.They are more reliabile than a head check and much safer since you have your eyes in front of you where they need to be at all times with all the distractions (i.e. cell phones,GPS,CD's ect) that average joes wants to multi-task with while he should be DRIVING

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    Quote Originally Posted by wvpc View Post
    These photos are what I installed on my '12 RT. I wanted the K12RS mirrors but had to settle for the GS version for my year bike. Not as good looking as the K12's but vastly improves rear visibility with the topbox mounted.
    Hi WVPC,

    What other parts did you need to mount the GS mirrors? The boss lady has instructed me that new mirrors are to be one of the first modifications to her one week old '12 RT .

    P.S> I'm going to show her that TT tankbag as well

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    Does anyone know the dimensions of the glass in the mirror housing? I'm looking at the Saeng 'Quick Scan' mirrors as well. Wondering how they compare in terms of usable mirror size.
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