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Thread: SHARP releases ratings on 20 flip-up helmets

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    Quote Originally Posted by ultracyclist View Post
    Not much substance on the survey.

    Shoei isn't even mentioned and that company has a large European following.
    It is disappointing that many helmets are not listed (none of the helmets I'm considering are listed). But that doesn't diminish the data or information. It's clear from the site's purpose and mission statement however, that this is simply the first batch of helmets that have been tested and published; the testing is ongoing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OfficerImpersonator View Post
    My understanding is that Snell will not approve ANY flip-front helmets due to concerns that the latch is the weak link in the system and will likely fail in a crash.
    The last time I looked at this issue I found a quote from the Snell Foundation that said something to the effect of "if a vendor submits it for testing we will test it as a full coverage helmet.... so far no vendor has submitted a helmet for testing". Remember, Snell doesn't test a helmet unless someone pays them to do so.

    It's been 3 or 4 years since I last checked. Perhaps things have changed.

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    As for Snell and DOT, from what I've read, once the helmet make and model gets certified, thats it for life.

    The Euro certification is done on lot batches. If one fails, the whole lot is dumped.

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    There are some interesting test result differences between the Motorcyclist and the SHARP reports. I'd expect them to be similar.

    Some are consistent between the two tests (like the AGV Ti-Tech doing well in both or the Suomy Spec 1R middle of the road in both), but these stuck out to me:

    The Scorpion EXO-700 is bottom of the barrel in Motorcyclist and 4-stars in SHARP.
    The Schuberth S1 did well in Motorcyclist and poorly in SHARP.
    The Vemar VSR is middle of the road in Motorcyclist and poor in SHARP.

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